Rates & Fees

We strive to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients. The fees we charge are based on the costs we incur in maintaining our facilities and our knowledge so that we may continue to provide you these services.

Initial Consultation

There is no charge for an office visit to determine if you have a case in which we will represent you. There is no limit on the time we will initially spend with you in making that determination. Once we agree to represent you, we will suggest a fee arrangement with you. Until we agree on that fee, there is no charge for our services.

Fixed Fee

In many matters, we will quote you a fixed fee (either a specific figure or a percentage). We believe that everyone appreciates a reasonable approximation of what legal services are going to cost.

Hourly Rate

On some cases, especially in litigation, it is difficult to estimate the time or amount of work that will be involved. In these matters, we charge an hourly rate.

Contingent Fee

In plaintiffs' cases, we will ask that you agree to pay costs involved and pay us a percentage of the dollars that you actually recover. If we are unable to recover any money for you, then you will not owe us any lawyers' fees.

General Considerations

Because we make our living by providing legal advice, we cannot give you free advice on how to resolve a legal problem you may have. The fees we charge are dependent on the time involved and the expertise involved. That is why specific fees are not listed here. The amount and the method will always be discussed with you before you have any obligation.